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FBA HUB is an IT company that specializes in recruiting, outsourcing, and outstaffing IT specialists. 


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Welcome to FBA HUB - a specialist company that provides IT recruitment, IT outsourcing, and IT outstaffing services. Our company was created with the aim of providing the best IT solutions for our clients, so they can focus on their business while we take care of everything else. At our company, we employ a team of IT experts who are ready to meet any challenge. Our specialization is in finding and recruiting the best IT specialists who can offer our clients innovative solutions and top-notch technical support.

Our IT outsourcing services include comprehensive management of a client's IT infrastructure, technical support, monitoring and maintenance of IT systems, as well as ensuring constant availability of IT services. This way, our clients can focus on their business while we take care of the rest. We also offer IT outstaffing, which involves providing our IT specialists for permanent or temporary employment to support a client's IT team. Our IT specialists possess the necessary skills and experience to meet the requirements of any project.

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